CHINA – ‘This Situation Is so Critical’: A Chinese Pastor’s Message to Christians From Ground Zero of the Coronavirus

CBN News | Emily Jones | January 31, 2020

he voice of a Chinese pastor living in the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus outbreak is being heard around the world and it’s persuading many Christians to stand with him in prayer. 

An anonymous pastor in Wuhan, China penned a letter to the global Church describing what it’s like to leave your home not knowing if you’ll contract this virus, and if you will live for long if you do. He is one among millions of Chinese citizens on complete lockdown in an attempt to contain the disease. 

While he says China is suffering, he believes something bigger is happening, saying it is time for Christians to proclaim the gospel in a country where their faith is under fire. 

Read the full letter below:
A Letter from a Wuhan Pastor

Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you:
During these past days the Wuhan pneumonia (virus) has been at the center of my thoughts and life. (I am) always watching the latest news, and always thinking about how our family and the church should face this.