BURMA – With world’s attention on Rohingya Muslims, Christians in Burma also face brutal persecution

FoxNews | Aug. 18, 2018

KAYIN, Burma –  With the world’s attention fixed on the horribly violent persecution of Burma’s Rohingya Muslims, Christians are also suffering from a less visible but also brutal mistreatment and ethnic cleansing campaign at the hands of the Burmese Army, according to aid agencies, human rights groups and U.S. officials.

The campaign against the Christians, which according to estimates has displaced at least 100,000 people, has also left thousands stranded in the Burmese jungle terrain, either from fleeing heavy bombing, or living in fear of what will come when the current monsoon season ends.

“Christianity is under direct attack by the Burma Army. Christians have repeatedly been singled out for rape, torture, and death over the course of this war, and that trend is continuing,” Ephraim Mattos, East Asia Operations Manager for The Nazarene Fund (TNF), a humanitarian group that works to support the plight of Christians worldwide, told Fox News. “In Burma, if you don’t fall into the category of being Buddhist and ethnic Burmese, then you are considered second-class, and not worthy of the full rights of a citizen.”

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