BURKINA FASO – 4 Christians in Burkina Faso Executed by Islamic Extremists for Wearing Crosses

Christian Headlines | Aug. 27, 2019

Islamic terrorists are continuing to kill Christians in northeastern Burkina Faso.

According to CBN News, Aid to the Church in Need reports in a June 27 attack, four Christians in the village of Bani were killed for wearing crosses. 

Bishop Laurent Birfuoré Dabiré of the Diocese of Dori in the northeast of Burkina Faso said the Islamists forced everyone in the village to lie face down on the ground.

“Then they searched them,” he said. “Four people were wearing crucifixes. So they killed them because they were Christians.

“After murdering them, the Islamists warned all the other villagers that if they did not convert to Islam, they too, would be killed.”

The killing of the four men was the fifth attack against Christians this year in that area of Burkina Faso. Twenty Christians have been killed this year.

“If the world continues to do nothing, the result will be the elimination of the Christian presence in this area and quite possibly, in future, from the entire country.”

The bishop also added that the terrorists have weapons that are not made in Africa.