BURMA – Kachin Pastor Beaten by Burmese Militia Recounts His Ordeal

International Christian Concern | Oct. 17, 2018

Mading Zai Dan Bawm Ying is one of two Kachin youth pastors beaten by members of the Myanmar army-based Border Guard Force (BGF) last July while trying to protect Christian homes from being destroyed.

International Christian Concern (ICC) recently visited Pastor Zai Dan Bawm Ying in Kachin State to discuss what happened that night. Here is his account of the encounter which sheds light on the daily challenges faced by Christians in Kachin State.

A 30-year-old pastor from the Wine Maw district of Sadon Township La Gawn village, Zai Dan Bawm Ying owns a home and rents it to a local family. On July 30, military officials came to his home to inform him of road work they were going to begin. In order to do so, they planned to knock down the drainage along with some of the property beside the kitchen. He was unaware of upcoming road work and reached out to his friend and fellow pastor Saya La Khri to inquire more about the construction. Saya La Khri confirmed that there had been no prior consultation about the project.