CHINA – There are no longer a safe place for Chinese Christians

Christianity Today | Lina Kim | July 30, 2020

Chinese believers stated there is no longer a safe place for Chinese Christians as religious persecution continues and increases. A member of the Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, further claimed in the ICC video that the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), “makes you think that they are willing to compromise because they know Americans care about freedom of religion.”

“If China makes concessions in religious freedom, then the U.S. should compromise in trade. It’s CPC who politicizes religious freedom, not Christians.”

Wang Yi and a church elder stated they were imprisoned for their faith and the government forbids parents to enroll their children in church schools, threatening to send them to re-education camps. Forcefully sending adopted children back to their birth parents, Chinese believers are devastated from the unlawful action.

With many concerns, Chinese believers also state that they cannot guarantee if their adopted child would be taken away by the government. 

The article from persecution ICC reported there are closure or demolition of churches or places of worship, arresting of Christians, and social pressure. 

“The abuser of religious freedom should not go unnoticed and unpunished.”

With specific recommendations, ICC hopes to work with policymakers throughout the U.S. government and the cohort of religious freedom advocates to advance religious freedom for Chinese Christians.

“The Chinese Communist government is built on and relies on lies. One of the lies is the ludicrous claim that it only punishes religious believers when they violate the law.”

Chinese Christians are wanting attention from the U.S due to religious persecution. According to ICC reports, almost every province in China has seen Christian persecution on the rise. 

“We aren’t saying the U.S government should put pressure on the Chinese government but what the Chinese communist party is afraid of is being exposed. They are afraid of transparency. Because under such circumstances, CPC will definitely intensify religious persecution. The worse China-U.S. relations get, the more CPC persecutes Christians.”

According to the report, those two provinces “have a high percentage of Christians,” and have seen active “cross demolition campaigns.”

According to BP news, The U.S. State Department, in its 2019 report on international religious freedom, China destroyed Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Jewish, Taoist and other houses of worship; barred people under 18 years of age from taking part in religious activities; and continues to imprison hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs and other Muslims, as well as Uyghur Christians, in internment camps.