EGYPT – Christian horror as church torn down – priest and worshippers attacked by ‘extremists’

Express | BRIAN MCGLEENON | June 9, 2020

Egyptian authorities demolished a Christian church building and the mosque that was built next to it in the town of Koum Al-Farag. The church had stood for 15 years and served 3,000 parishioners, but the mosque was a much more recent addition to the site. According to an ancient Islamic tradition, or common law, churches are prevented from being formally recognised or displaying any Christian symbols if a mosque is built next to them.

Because of this, critics of Christianity often build mosques next to churches in a bid to get them destroyed.

Egyptian authorities decided the best solution to the impasse was to demolish both buildings.

A deacon of the church told the Open Doors charity: “We believe they built it out of protest.

“Our village already has four mosques and another one wasn’t really needed.

On top of that, they build it without the use of a foundation.

“The church lawyer made an official appeal against this order.”

Official papers were shown to the police but no notice was taken.

The deacon added: “The mayor then ignored it and sent 200 policemen without warning.