IRAN – Disappeared Iranian Christian Found in Prison

International Christian Concern | Dec. 18, 2018

The fate of an Iranian Christian who disappeared during a massive crackdown by the authorities on the church has finally been revealed after two weeks of uncertainty. Jamshid Derakhshan was finally allowed to make a phone call to his family on December 12, where he shared that he was being held in Rajaee Shahr prison and that he expected to be released on bail soon. His family has expressed concern for Jamshid’s health as he suffers from a stomach illness.

Jamshid is 64 years old and converted from Islam to Christianity over 30 years ago. He had previously worked in a government organization but lost his job because of his conversion. Sources knowledgeable of the situation told Mohabat News that Jamshid was traveling from his home city of Karaj to Hashtgerd on November 30 in order to attend a house church ceremony. However, he never returned home and his family had no news of him for two weeks.


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