IRAQ – Iraqi Youth Tells Synod Martyrdom isn’t the Only Form of Persecution

Crux | Oct. 15, 2018

OME – For Safa Al Alqoshy of Iraq, the trauma of terrorism goes beyond killing. It’s experienced in a more lasting way through the insecurity felt by those who have survived, but who face a future full of questions and frightening possibilities.

“It’s very important to pay attention that there is not only persecution by killing, there is a persecution by psychology, by feelings. You feel that you are alone, that you are not supported,” Safa Al Alqoshy said in an interview with Crux.

These feelings come about through a combination of factors, including a decline in employment opportunities, the quality of education, the lack of international support, but also primarily through the exodus of Iraq’s Christian community due to immigration, he said.


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