IRAQ – Mosul’s Destruction Haunts the Nineveh Plains

International Christian Concern | Nov. 29, 2018

Mosul was once a beautiful city. Today, piles of rubble are everywhere. Buildings are completely demolished; cars are riddled with bullet holes. Despite all the ruin and destruction, life in Mosul continues. But Christians, as much as possible, are trying to keep their distance.

The city is the epicenter of Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate, a region where most of the country’s Christians have dwelled for centuries. Christians, however, have long regarded Mosul as dangerous. Their exodus began long before the Islamic State (ISIS) made Mosul its headquarters in Iraq. The city remained under the militant control from 2014 until its liberation in 2017. Yet today, Mosul’s Christians continue to make it clear that their exodus from Mosul is complete. For them, there is no return.