IRAQ – “Persecuted Christians in Iraq don’t consider themselves heroes, they believe they did what they had to”

Rome Reports | 042418 | VIDEO

Christians from the Nineveh Plains celebrated Easter like this… in churches still burned by the Islamic State, like this one in Qaraqosh.

They also celebrated like this… without fear of walking once again along the streets they had to flee when the terrorist group came to kill them.

Little by little, they’re returning to their homes after the forced exile to which they were subjected, though not everyone is willing to run the risk of being threatened again by another Daesh.

Missionary, Institute of the Incarnate Word

“The problem is that many have still not returned. For example, in Karamles. It’s a Christian town. There were 800 Christian families, and only 300 have been able to come back. Many have not. What’s worse, an estimated 300 will not return. In other words, a town of 800 families will become one of only 500.”

Fr. Luis Montes, a priest from the Institute of the Incarnate Word, obtained these images that show the remnants of the disaster once the terrorists had fled. They destroyed everything in their path, focusing primarily on anything related to Christianity.

Despite having little left to return to, as there are entire towns reduced to rubble, Christians are returning. The wound is deep, though. There have been too many years of suffering.


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