IRAQ – Rescued Ezidi girl from Mosul leaves Germany after running into same IS abuser

Kurdistan 24 | Aug. 16, 2018

ERBIL  – A rescued Yezidi (Ezidi) girl says she has returned to the Kurdistan Region from Germany after being left in shock with repeatedly seeing the same Islamic State (IS) abuser who bought her in Mosul.

Ashwaq is an Ezidi girl who was captured and enslaved by the extremist group in 2014 after IS occupied Sinjar (Shingal), a hometown for the minority group located in the province of Nineveh near the Syrian border.

After being held by IS for nine months, she was abused and tortured as well as sold in IS’ sex slave markets.

Speaking to Kurdistan 24, Ashwaq said she was sold to an IS member for three months. His name was Mohammed Rashid from Baghdad, commonly known as Abu Humam.

“We experienced different kinds of torture, abuse, and harassment 24/7,” she said. “When IS deprived us of our family, we predicted such bitter experiences in the beginning.”

After escaping from the group in 2015, she was sent from the Kurdistan Region to Germany as part of a program to provide psychological treatment to women kidnapped and abused by IS.

There are many stories of kidnapped Ezidi women, but what differentiates Ashwaq from other rescued Ezidi girls is that IS did not stop chasing her even in Germany.