KENYA – Finding Hope in Christ, Abandoned Children Have New Life

International Christian Concern | August 26, 2020

Nine months after seeing their mother walk out on them for converting to Christianity, seven children in the village of Dera, Kilifi county are all smiles as if this never happened. They were taken in by a sister in Christ, Mary Thoya, who has cared for them since their mother left.

“We know that our mother left us because of the ridicule that comes after your family leaves Islam to follow Christ. We know that we have missed her love but we have been praying for her so that she may give her life to Christ too. We are hopeful that one day she will become a Christian and we shall be reunited again as one big happy family,” said Jabel Kitsao, the eldest son.

In April 2020, ICC responded to the call from Mary, their caregiver, and provided them with food aid, clothing, furniture, bedding, financial support, and a cow. Although some of the food items have finished, they still have cereals and some money left to take them through the remainder of August.

Jamal Kwicha, the second-born son, expressed his gratitude for the supplies that came in during a difficult time. He said, “Mary has become our new mother since our biological mother left us in November last year. She has worked so hard to make sure that all of us are fed, clean and nourished in the faith. We shall always be thankful to the ICC for coming in in an exceptional way to help us with food items, mattresses, beds, bedsheets, and so many other things including a dairy cow. This love you bestowed on us has been a great boost to our Christian walk. We have been greatly blessed by your special care.”

Mary Thoya believes that God used her to host the family so that the mother of the children can know that Christ is the hope for humanity. She shared, “I never thought that I would be a caregiver to as many as seven children. I was also worried that their Muslim uncles would come to beat us for helping the children. But I have received immense support from my fellow Christians and church. ICC enabled us to forget about the physical needs and focus on spiritual things. I am still discipline them, hoping that through them, many Muslims, including their mother, will come to faith in Christ Jesus.”

The cow given to the children is expected to give birth mid next year, according to the local veterinary officer who inspects her. “I have been checking on her week by week to ensure that she is well and clean. We are about to inseminate her and if all goes well, she will have a baby in June 2021.”

The children are proud of owning a cow and they are hopeful that in a few years to come they shall have a herd. They said, “We want to grow from one cow to many so that through their milk we may support other children in our community who are going through many challenges.”