New Group Fights American Apathy Toward Persecuted Christians

LifeZette | Dede Laugesen | 022118

Rebuking “the cowardly silence” of people in peaceful regions far from hostile forces, Pope Francis explained last year how Christians are “killed, burned alive, throats slit, and beheaded with barbarous blades” in the Middle East, Asia, and China.

Safe, Sound — and Home at Last

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Apathetic religious leaders and laity enable genocide — and endanger religious freedoms that form the foundation of human liberty in America and abroad.

That’s why this past Valentine’s Day, a coalition of Americans launched a national campaign of banners placed outside houses of worship, calling on fellow Americans to save the persecuted Christians who are suffering discrimination, torture, rape, slavery, banishment, loss of property, and murder as punishment for belief in Jesus.

Though it seldom makes news in the United States, the genocide of Christians is no longer conjecture.