NIGERIA – Christian Community Devastated by Years Fulani Militant Violence

International Christian Concern | Jan. 8, 2019

The Christian community of Dogo Awo village, located in Nigeria’s Kaduna state, has been devastated by years of Fulani militant violence. The village has been attacked by Fulani militants repeatedly starting in November 2016 to as recently as last Wednesday, January 2.

In a recent interview with Morning Star News, the Christians of Dogo Awo explained that the violence started on November 25, 2016 when Fulani militants destroyed their rice, beans, peppers and other crops. The incident was reported to local police, but no action was taken against the militants.

Emboldened by this impunity, the Fulani militants returned during the harvest season of 2017, again destroying Dogo Awo’s crops. Again the attack was reported to police to no effect.