PERSECUTION – The Theology of Advocacy for the Persecuted

Juicy Ecumenism – Dec. 2, 2018

As Christians we are called, given a mandate actually, to be advocates.

You well know that Christians are called to be Christ to the world. You may know the Prayer of St. Teresa of Avila, “Christ has no hands but our hands.” And if you’re old enough, you may remember the praise song “We are Gathered as the Body of Our Lord” that says, “We’re the hands, we’re the feet, we’re the ears, we’re the eyes.”

Advocacy from a Christian theological perspective includes many avenues such as pleading the cause of the poor, trafficking victims, refugees, victims of anti-Semitism, and persecution of people of other faiths – all important areas for advocacy. But I believe the one that needs the most exploration (and participation) is this: being an advocate for our Christian brothers and sisters who suffer for the sake of the Gospel.