RELEASE – Save the Persecuted Christians Denounces Chinese Government’s Genocide Against Uyghurs

Save the Persecuted Christians | July 7, 2020

Forced Sterilization, Pregnancy Checks and Confiscated Human Hair Expose Danger for Religious Groups in Communist China

WASHINGTON, D.C.Two stories originating from the concentration camps in Xinjiang province, China, shocked the world this week. China has again tightened its squeeze of a vulnerable ethnic population by enforcing pregnancy checks and forced sterilization on hundreds of thousands of Uyghur women to reduce the ethnic and religious minority’s birth rates.

An Associated Press investigation reveals, “The state regularly subjects minority women to pregnancy checks, and forces intrauterine devices, sterilization and even abortion on hundreds of thousands, the interviews and data show.”

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) warned those forced pregnancy tests and sterilizations may meet the legal definition of genocide.

As news of this massive human rights violation broke, U.S. customs officials seized 13 tons of human hair taken from Uyghur prisoners and produced by forced child labor.

“Federal authorities in New York on Wednesday seized a shipment of weaves and other beauty accessories suspected to be made out of human hair taken from people locked inside a Chinese internment camp,” reported the Associated Press.

Save the Persecuted Christians (STPC) executive director Dede Laugesen says the targeted population reduction efforts committed by the Chinese Communist Party endanger the lives and future of all religious groups in China, including Christians.

“It is horrifying to learn that China is decimating future generations of Uyghurs through its forced sterilization and abortion policies intended to keep innocent women from ever being able to give birth and thereby eliminate an entire ethnic group from China through demographic genocide,” Laugesen said. “Add to that the pictures of long, black hair taken from women incarcerated in modern day concentration camps and produced for sale by enslaved child laborers, and the world must sit up and take notice.

“China’s crimes are not contained to the Uyghurs,” Laugesen continued. “No one of any faith is safe in China. The criminal Communist regime is taking, tormenting, and torturing citizens who worship anything other than the Party and President Xi. Religious freedom in China is a myth. China seeks to dominate people’s bodies, minds and hearts using a brutal surveillance system with technology that is actually enabled by some U.S. companies. Those who assist or do business with Communist China should know they too are on the hook for what is happening to its people.”

USCIRF issued its statement on the possible genocide a few days before Americans celebrated Independence Day on July 4. The same weekend marked the 11-year anniversary of a student protest in Xinjiang on July 5, 2009, that morphed into a bloody conflict, becoming another turning point against Uyghurs in their struggle to survive persecution by the Chinese government.

The mission of Save the Persecuted Christians is to save lives and save souls by disseminating actionable information about the magnitude of the persecution taking place globally and by mobilizing concerned Americans for the purpose of disincentivizing further attacks on those who follow Jesus.

With so much of the world’s Christian population being imprisoned and/or harassed for their beliefs, such as faith groups in China, the need has never been greater for the sort of grassroots campaign STPC’sSaveUs Movementis working to foster. Its efforts are modeled after a miraculously successful one that helped free another population suffering from heavy persecution—Soviet Jews—by penalizing those in the Kremlin responsible for such repression. Through this movement, Save the Persecuted Christiansendeavors to provide American policymakers with the popular support they need to effect real change worldwide and alleviate systemically the suffering being experienced by so many of those following Christ.

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