United Nations – The UN’s scary silence on Asia Bibi’s blasphemy case

The Washington Examiner | Oct. 25, 2018

Today, on the front page of the United Nations’ website is an article entitled, “French full-body veil ban, violated women’s freedom of religion: UN Human Rights Committee.”

In 2012, two French Muslim women sent complaints to the U.N. when a 2010 French law was enforced against them for wearing niqabs. A UN Committee of 18 international members ruled that these women in question have a religious right to wear the niqabs. “The State has not demonstrated how the full veil presents a threat in itself for public security to justify this absolute ban,” the decision read. The Committee has recommended the two women be compensated for the fines they had to pay, and that the 2010 law be reviewed.

The U.N. seems zealous about protecting religious rights. So, why has it not issued any statements or recommendations regarding Asia Bibi, a Christian woman in Pakistan who has been sentenced to death for violating Pakistan’s blasphemy laws?


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