NIGERIA – Fulani Militants Attack School and Abduct Cleric in Enugu

International Christian Concern |Feb. 20, 2019

On February 13, Fulani militants attacked the Technical Secondary School of  Amofia Affa, Enugu State, Nigeria. During the attack, the gunmen killed one woman named Mrs Paulina Agadife. They also took a priest, Mr. Patrick Okeh, captive during the attack. Since they kidnapped him, the gunmen have been trying to get a ransom of 5 million Naira, approximately $14,000, from the priest’s family. Despite the murder, kidnapping and injuring of several others at the school, very few reports have been made and no governmental personnel have made any statements about the incident.

According to local sources, this is the fifth time that this area has been attacked by Fulani militants in recent years. As in other areas of the Middle Belt, very little has been done to protect this location despite continued attacks. No suspects have been arrested and the priest is still missing today.


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