CHINA – Chinese Christian Detained for Street Evangelism

International Christian Concern | August 6, 2020

On August 3, a Christian in China’s Hunan province was sentenced by the authorities to 10 days in administrative detention for “illegal evangelism.”

Chen Wensheng, who is part of the Xiaoqun Church in Hengyang, has often preached the Gospel on the streets.  He often carried a wooden cross that read “Glory to our Savior” and “Repent and Be Saved by Faith” written on it.

According to China Aid, because of his activities, he was often taken to the police station. Even the police officers are familiar with Chen.  He has repeatedly urged the police officers to believe in Jesus.

In his latest detention, his cross was confiscated at the police station. His church sent him daily commodities and arranged someone to visit his family.

These videos shared by China Aid include footage of Chen’s street evangelism booth and of him sharing his faith with officers as he was leaving the station from previous detention. When the police asked him whether or not believing in Jesus can bring in money, he simply responded that believing in Jesus is not for money, but to gain eternal life.

With the crackdown against house churches in China, street evangelism has become increasingly difficult. People face harassment or detention; some would have their churches cracked down by the authorities.