INDIA – Hindu radicals livestream attack on Christians to ‘make area free of Christianity’

Christian Post | Leah MarieAnn Klett |Sept. 30, 2019

Indian authorities jailed church leaders and their families after Hindu extremists disrupted a worship service, beat individuals, and livestreamed the events on Facebook in efforts to make the area “free of Christianity.”

According to persecution watchdog International Christian Concern, the attack took place on Sept. 8 in the Domchanch villa of Koderma District in Jharkhand state.

Dozens of assailants from the youth militant group Bajrang Dal reportedly intruded on the church service and began verbally abusing congregants before tearing up Bibles, breaking church supplies, and stealing the offering box.

Following the attack, the group’s organizer, Yadav, went live on Facebook, showing off the Christians who were forced out of their house church and onto the streets. In the video, Yadav is seen pestering women about why they attended the service and claiming that Christianity has destroyed the entire district, according to ICC.

Eventually, the police arrived, and church pastor Manohar Prasad Varnwa, his family, and a few members were forced into a police vehicle. Meanwhile, the assailants stood by, watching the Christians’ arrest. The livestream ends on Yadav’s final comment: “Our job is to make this area free of Christianity.”