INDIA – Record Anti-Christian Violence in India’s Most Populous State

World Watch Monitor | Oct. 31, 2018

India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, saw a “record level” of anti-Christian violence last month, according to a survey by Violence Monitor, a monthly magazine that reports incidents of violence against minorities, as reported by AsiaNews.

The magazine revealed that out of 25 cases of religious intolerance reported in the state in September, 20 took place in Jaunpur, the constituency of the prime minister, Narendra Modi. In most of those cases, Christian clergymen were accused of forced conversions. The city’s chief minister is known for his negative views about religious minorities, including Christians, according to Asia News.

The survey said that following the beating of a Christian leader on 13 September and threats of “severe consequences” if he continued to preach, Christians in Jaunpur are afraid of organising prayer meetings even in their homes.


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