IRAN – Iran’s Intelligence Minister – MAHMOUD ALAVI – laments as christianity dominates Iran

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Opera | January 15, 2020

Iran’s Intelligence Minister – Mahmoud Alavi – has admitted publicly for the first time that Christianity is spreading throughout Iran. According to “” Mahmoud Alavi – the Islamic Republic’s intelligence minister – while giving a speech before the Shia Muslim clerics – said that “Christianity is spreading too much in Iran.”

He – Mahmoud Alavi in an attempt to inferior-rate the victims to this conversion said that “These converts are ordinary people whose jobs are selling sandwiches – these he said among other belittling compliments”

“Out of the fiery furnace comes forth faith as pure as gold (1 Peter 1.7).” It is obvious how the confirmation of this scriptural verse has become a reality in an unexpected region – among the persecuted Christians of Iran whose nation has now become THE FASTEST GROWING NETWORK OF CHURCHES IN THE WORLD

Iran has fastest growing church despite very few church buildings

In an open conversation between the converts – in Iran and one of their minister – Mahmoud Alavi. THE PEOPLE’S RESPONSE WOULD SHOCK YOU! Alavi speaking said “We had no choice but to summon them to ask them why they were converting,” “Some of them said they were looking for a religion that would give them peace.” “We told them that Islam is the religion of brotherhood and peace.” “But they replied by saying that: ‘All the time we see Muslim clerics and those who teach at mosques talk against each other. If Islam is a religion of cordiality, then before anything else, there must be cordiality and peace among the clerics themselves.”