IRAQ – Iraq’s Christians Refuse to Return, Afraid ‘They Will Again Be Targeted’

CBN News | 073018

Tens of thousands of displaced Christians have returned to their cities and villages in the Iraq’s Nineveh Plain, but many still refuse to return to Mosul.

Before ISIS moved in, 30,000 Christians lived in Iraq’s second largest city. Today, maybe no more than several hundred have returned.

“People are afraid and it’s understandable that they are afraid, but they are afraid because the (jihadi) networks are still there on the ground—especially in Mosul,” explained investigative journalist and author Ken Timmerman.

He understands all too well what many Iraqi Christians are up against.

Timmerman has made many mission and reporting trips to Iraq in recent years. His experiences have motivated him to write a new book, ISIS Begins.

He says the tragedy Iraq’s Christians are still experiencing is remarkable and it can only be understood by visiting there, to witness and feel firsthand what’s happening to them.