NIGERIA/CAMEROON- 57 Chibok Girls Known to Have Been in 2 Cameroon Towns

International Christian Concern | Oct. 29, 2018

News has surfaced that 57 of the missing Chibok girls may have been located in two towns in Cameroon. Many of the girls who have already been able to escape have told family members and journalists that they witnessed dozens of the girls who still have not been rescued, in the towns of Garin Magajo and Garin Mallam. These girls are said to have been forced into marriages with Boko Haram fighters in those areas, and that many of them have already had children.

This will hopefully allow the Nigerian government to focus their search for these girls in a much smaller area and give them a real place to start looking again. It has been almost a year, however, since the last large group of Chibok girls was released.