NIGERIA – Islamic Militants Increase Attacks on Nigerian Christians

International Christian Concern | March 30, 2019

Fulani militants have waged attacks on Christian villages in recent weeks, continuing the jihadist campaign it began in 2009. Fulani Islamic militants have killed more than 120 Christians and burned dozens of homes in northern Nigeria in a series of attacks since the election season in February. Their violent agenda was recently spurred by Kaduna Gov. Nasir El-Rufai’s false claim that Adara Christians murdered over 100 Fulani, on the eve of Nigeria’s presidential election.

His false statements encouraged Islamic militants and Fulani herdsmen to hammer Christian villages in the Kaduna, Benue and Borno state. The Nigerian Emergency Management Agency refuted his statement, proclaiming it as, “a rumor to instigate violence.”

Since the re-election of President Buhari, the actions of Fulani herdsmen as Jihadist militants have gone greatly unchecked. The Fulani continue to freely roam and kill Christians in the northern and middle belt regions of Nigeria, which have come at a near constant rate.