NIGERIA – It is Well With My Soul: The Witness of the Church of Nigeria

Patheos | 071118 | Faith McDonell

“It is Well with My Soul” on the final day GAFCON 2018. (Photo credit: Jesse Parks, GAFCON media)

For a week in June we met as 2000 Anglican Christians from around the world at GAFCON 2018 in Jerusalem, the Global Anglican Future Conference. We worshipped, prayed, and discussed the way forward. We came as fellow believers who acknowledge the Lordship of Christ and honor the authority of Holy Scripture.

Our delegation from the United States and Canada was not too shabby in size! And Australia, New Zealand, South America — even Europe — were surprisingly well represented. But by far, the most delegates were from Africa. It seems certain that the future of Biblical Anglicanism depends upon provinces such as the Anglican Church of Nigeria. If the Anglican Church in Nigeria survives the war against its nation’s Christians, that is.