NIGERIA – EDITORIAL: Don’t blame global warming for genocide | Opinion

The Colorado Springs Gazette | 071118

The first rule of modern media: Blame climate change.

Consider coverage of Nigeria’s decade-long genocide.

Militant Islamic Fulani terrorists routinely chop Christian farm families with machetes, or shoot them with machine guns. They pile men, women, and children in mass graves. It is sectarian genocide by any definition.

They have killed more than 6,000 since January, and few Americans know about it. The pack media have little interest in reporting the crisis, as it fits no prefabricated narrative. It is not Russian collusion, immigration injustice, or climate change.

Until recently.

Newsweek went silly two years ago, blaming global warming for the genocide.

“Ongoing tensions reflect, in a way, climate change-induced resource scarcity that threatens food and national security,” the magazine explained.

It took a while to catch on, but Newsweek started a trend. A June 25 New York Times article links the Muslim attacks on non-Muslims to “changing climate conditions.”