NORTH KOREA – North Korea Threatens to Abolish Liaison Office Over Defectors’ Balloons

International Christian Concern | June 8, 2020

North Korea’s de facto leader of the Propaganda and Agitation Department, Kim Yo-Jong, better known as its leader Kim Jong-Un’s younger sister, threatened to take measures against South Korea for propaganda balloons sent by North Korean defectors in the South.

On June 4, Kim Yo-Jong issued a statement to condemn defectors sending leaflets to North Koreans as “idiots,” “dogs,” and “human rubbish no better than beasts.” She slammed the defectors, saying “those scums recklessly berated our utmost dignity [Kim Jong Un] and carelessly made fun of our nuclear ambitions.”

She also indicated that North Korea would scrap a military agreement with Seoul and abolish a liaison office set up in 2018, if the latter fails to contain the defectors’ activities. She also threatens the complete withdrawal of North Korea from the cross-border cooperation project at the Kaesong Industrial Park.

The defectors have been sending balloons from South Korea’s border close to the demilitarized zone, with the hope to make North Koreans aware of the lies of the Kim regime and provide an alternative – the Good News. These balloons typically carry pamphlets promoting democracy and capitalism, short Bible verses, and digital Bibles loaded in USB drives.

Despite Moon administration’s attempt to shut them down, since the leaflet campaign is one of the main sources of tension between the two Koreas, the defectors carry on regardless.


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