PAKISTAN – Executed, then Acquitted: Fair Trial Concerns Plague Pakistan

Aljazeera | Oct. 12, 2018

 On a brisk February night in the village of Ranjhay Khan in central Pakistan, Ghulam Qadir received a phone call: “Come and meet us,” the voice said, “and we will resolve all of this.”

The 37-year-old television repairman had been trying for months to get justice for his young daughter, Salma.

Months earlier, she had been kidnapped at gunpoint, her family said, and was only returned after Qadir managed to get an army officer, a customer at his small electrical workshop, to intervene on his behalf.

Salma said she had been kidnapped and raped by a man called Akmal.

Qadir had been trying to get the police to register a case but to no avail.