PAKISTAN – Senator Demands U.S. Cut Off Aid to Pakistan Until Asia Bibi is Free

International Christian Concern | Nov. 21, 2018

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has demanded that the U.S. Government cut off all aid to Pakistan until Asia Bibi, a Christian woman recently acquitted of blasphemy, is allowed to leave the country. Writing for Breitbart on Tuesday, Senator Paul said, “I’ve made it a personal mission of mine in office to stop the United States from funding or being allied with places that persecute Christians.

The senator went on to call on President Trump “to personally intervene and to urge the Pakistani government to release Asia Bibi to the United States,” and has “introduced legislation to directly go after Pakistan’s foreign aid and turn up the pressure on them.

On October 31, Pakistan’s Supreme Court announced that Bibi was acquitted of the blasphemy conviction that had placed her on death row since 2010.