PAKISTAN – The Only Christian Family in Pakistani Village Attacked for Faith

International Christian Concern | Sept. 27, 2018

A poor Christian family is running from pillar to post for justice after members of a local land mafia, allegedly patronized by the brother of a former prime minister, tortured them and set their house on fire in Gujar Khan, Pakistan Today has learnt.

Bashir Masih, a retired sanitary worker of the Punjab Health Department, said that his house was attacked by at least 12 armed men on Sept 21, Ashura day.

“My wife and I were standing on our doorstep when two accused – Imran and Ihsan – attacked us without any provocation on Sept 20. They called us Choorha (a derogatory term used for Pakistani Christians) and beat both of us mercilessly,” said the 60-year-old man, adding that he could not find any plausible reason for the attack given the fact that they were the only Christian family in the village and had never been involved in any dispute with the assailants.

Masih and his wife have four sons, all of whom are married and have 4-5 children each. The family settled in the village 5 years ago and have been living together ever since.