TURKEY – The Coming ‘Turkish Jihadist Invasion’ Against Christians: A Christmas Plea from Syrians to US Christians

CBN News | December 27, 2018

In an open letter to Christians in the United States, the head of the Syriac Union Party pleaded that his people not be abandoned to Turkish forces if US troops pull out of Syria, a move announced recently by President Trump.  Sanharib Barsoum, President of the Syriac Union Party said in the letter that the US has been indispensable in their battle against ISIS.  

“The US has been the one force that saved our people from ISIS. We are proud that we can say that we as Syriac-Assyrian Christians have fought side by side with the US. Our Syriac Military Council has been part of every battle against ISIS in North-East Syria. The reality is that we could not have won and protect our people without the US forces.”


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