United States – Why America’s Religious Freedom Ambassador Thinks Everyone can Help ‘Fight’ for this ‘Foundational’ Right

Desert News | Oct. 8, 2018

PROVO — Sam Brownback is a diplomat, chosen by the Trump administration to travel the world promoting religious freedom. But he sometimes describes himself as a salesman, and he thinks he’s got a great deal for global leaders.

If they’ll agree to strengthen religious freedom protections in their countries, to defend the rights of people of faith and no faith, he can promise a safer, more prosperous future, as well as more schools, hospitals and acts of service.

“I sound like one of those $19.95 commercials,” he told attendees at this week’s International Law and Religion Symposium at Brigham Young University. “On top of that, we’ll also give you less terrorism and more economic growth.”

Brownback, who was sworn in as the U.S. Ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom on Feb. 1, needs more policymakers to take him up on this offer. Around the world, it’s becoming more difficult to stay true to your beliefs.

“How are we doing in the world on religious freedom? Unfortunately, I think my answer is … I don’t think we’re doing very good,” he said during his keynote address on Monday afternoon.