USA – Author Shows Pathway to ‘Love in the Face of ISIS’

CBN News | Julie Stahl | Oct. 25, 2019

JERUSALEM, Israel – The Bible calls us to do some tough things in life such as love our enemies.  But what will help us do that?  One author says praying for them and she’s taken on a pretty tough case. 

Her book is called Love in the Face of ISIS – a book covering seven prayer strategies for crisis in the Middle East.

Author Lorraine Marie Varela and her husband, Gabriel, lead a ministry called “Inspiring Faith International.”  

“God gave me the title Love in the Face of ISIS,” Varela told CBN News. “In 1 John it says God is love and so if you substitute God in the face of ISIS, there comes this whole other powerful meaning.  But we know that God’s heart is for all to be saved.  He just doesn’t wish for any to perish.”