Persecution of Minority Christian Women ‘Hidden, Complex, and Interwoven with “Everyday” Discrimination’

World Watch Monitor | Nov. 26, 2018

Five new reports – about Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Colombia and the Central African Republic – unmask the multiple domestic, societal and state dynamics used in the persecution of Christian women and girls in each country.

When viewed individually, the tactics used against women – from subtle discrimination surrounding access to education through to extreme violence – appear as un-related ‘actors’, taking turns to harass a woman’s expressions of faith.

But now each of these reports, by the World Watch Research (WWR) Unit of global Christian charity Open Doors International, catalogues the inter-related web of dynamics and tactics, and concludes by connecting up the ‘domino’ impact of simultaneous persecuting events. The resulting picture is akin to the anguish caused by a thousand paper cuts plus, all too often, much deeper wounds.