CHILE – Bishops of Chile condemn violence and the looting of churches – Vatican News

Vatican News | Francesca Merlo | Nov. 11, 2019

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Chile releases a statement calling for an end to the ongoing violence and expressing solidarity with the faithful of the cities in which places of worship have been desecrated.

In a statement, the Catholic bishops of Chile express solidarity with “all the faithful of the Archdiocese of Santiago”, where a parish was looted and desecrated. They also express closeness to “the communities and pastors” of the other cities in which places of worship have been targeted in violent protests.


On Friday, hooded protesters looted a Catholic Church, in Santiago. An estimated 75,000 people had gathered in a nearby square to protest against the ruling government of President Sebastian Piñera.

Crowds stormed La Asuncion Church, removing pews, statues and other religious icons to then set them on fire.

In their statement, the bishops write that the “attack on temples and places of prayer, without any respect for God or for those who believe in Him, causes us pain”. “Temples and other places of worship”, they continue “are sacred”.