EGYPT – Community Missing Among Egypt’s Christian Converts

International Christian Concern | Dec. 18, 2018

Isolation. For many Muslim-background believers, also known as MBBs, this is one of the first feelings they experience when their faith becomes public. Ostracization from their family is swift and their lives are at risk. Finding a new sense of community is challenging. But this has not prevented many MBBs in Egypt from living for Christ.

Walid* was raised in a wealthy Muslim family, but today he lives ostracized from his family and on the brink of poverty. By watching Christian media, he learned about Jesus and eventually gave his life over to Christ. His family’s reaction was deeply painful for Walid. “My Muslim family locked me up in a room for seven days without food. Then they started to make me meet imams. They ended up depriving me of my heritage. All of this happened through six months.”  


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