INDIA – Indian Christians from Telangana Endure Three Attacks in Five Days

International Christina Concern | Dec. 18, 2018

In a matter of only five days, Christians in India’s southern state of Telangana endured three separate attacks. These attacks have some fearing that the upcoming Christmas holiday will be a particularly difficult one for the state’s Christian community.

On December 11, Pastor John from Hebron Church was doing street evangelism with six other Christians in Kistmatpur. Suddenly, a group of 15 suspected Hindu radicals surround the group’s vehicle, used abusive language, and began beating the Christians. The radicals then pulled several boxes of New Testaments and other Christian literature from the vehicle and set the boxes on fire.

The Christians refused to report the incident due to fear. When International Christian Concern (ICC) reached out to Pastor John, he refused to talk about the incident, saying that it will only bring more trouble.