FoxNews Opinion – Frank Gaffney: We must hold persecutors of Christians accountable

FoxNews | Frank Gaffney | Apr. 24, 2019

Suicide bombers took over 300 lives and wounded many more in coordinated attacks on Christian churches conducting Easter Sunday services and celebrations at hotels in Sri Lanka. Authorities there are blaming heretofore little-known local Islamist groups. But pulling off such a complex, synchronized operation would almost certainly require greater terrorist expertise and so it is not surprising that ISIS is claiming responsibility.

The carnage among Christians worshiping on that holy day was particularly horrific – and, therefore, impossible for the international press to ignore. Yet, the fact that hundreds of millions of followers of Jesus around the world are being tortured, imprisoned, raped, crucified or murdered all too often goes unreported.

For example, there has been scant coverage of the fact that, according to the Hudson Institute’s Sam Tadros, over the last couple of years, there have been 500 attacks on churches in Egypt and an estimated 900 church attacks Nigeria in one recent five-year period. After fire destroyed much of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, greater attention was paid to the immense number of churches in France that have been desecrated or damaged. The French Interior Ministry has reported that there were 1,063 anti-Christian acts in that country in 2018. And an average of two per day were attacked in 2018.

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