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Juicy Ecumenism | Faith McDonnell | Oct. 3, 2019

(And to all those in Hong Kong who long for freedom — By your Christian brothers and sisters in the United States)

This is a statement meant to send love and encouragement to the protesters in Hong Kong, to let them know that we are standing with them, that they are not alone, and indeed, that we want to honor them. The statement, which is comprised as an open letter to the “Hong Kongers” is being released today, October 3, 2019 during the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist regime in China. The People’s Republic of China calls this the “Golden Week,” but someday, when burned in the Refiner’s Fire, it will prove to be nothing.but.dross.

Here is our statement, signed by dozens of Christian leaders and passionate advocates for religious freedom and democracy:

A Statement of Solidarity to Hong Kong’s Christians
and to all those in Hong Kong who long for freedom
By Your Christian brothers and sisters in the United States
October 3, 2019

For months now, we, your supporters from all walks of life, have watched your courageous stand for freedom and justice on the streets of Hong Kong.

You have been in our thoughts and prayers as you seek to keep the People’s Republic of China’s Communist leaders from violating Hong Kong’s fragile semi-independence with measures designed to bring the people of Hong Kong under their control. We have been particularly concerned, along with you, about the PRC’s desire to extradite Hong Kong citizens, as well as foreigners, to mainland China, knowing that this technique would certainly be used by the Communist regime against Christians and other religious believers.

When we heard you sing, “Sing Alleluia to the Lord” as Hong Kong police and Chinese agents attacked you and demonized you, our hearts were deeply touched, and we were reminded that we are one Body in Christ together. You have shown the world that the hunger for freedom springs from something in the human spirit that the Creator, God, has put there with that simple praise song, along with your love for what you believe is the best part of American culture – our democracy, our love of freedom, our National Anthem, and our American flag.

We are impressed by your continued thoughtfulness and respect for your fellow Hong Kongers and all those who travel through Hong Kong such as you have shown in your poignant signs of apology for any inconvenience caused to travelers by your own fight for freedom, and by your recent efforts to enable both autos and pedestrians to continue moving on Hong Kong’s streets in spite of the thousands and thousands of protesters lining those streets. Your dignity and nobility as you suffer for a just cause is a witness to the whole world, and is in stark contrast to those in the West who take their freedom for granted.