INDIA – Mob Attacks Village Prayer Meeting in Attempt to Kill Indian Pastor

International Christian Concern | Nov. 1, 2018

On October 24, a mob of Hindu radicals attacked Pastor Hanumanth Rao while conducting a prayer meeting in a Christian home in Parupalli village, located in the Mahabubnagar District of Telangana. In the attack, the radicals also damaged a van that belonged to Pastor Rao.

According to Pastor Rao, eight church members, including himself, went to Parupalli to conduct a prayer meeting in the house of Mrs. Devamma. Around 8 p.m., when the meeting was about to conclude, a mob of people surrounded the house and demanded the pastor be given to them so that they could kill him. After a heated argument, the mob assaulted the Christians. One Christian woman was injured with cut on her hand.