IRAN – Christian convert Ebrahim Firouzi returns home from prison but now faces exile

Article 18 | Oct. 28, 2019

Christian convert Ebrahim Firouzi has returned home after six years in prison for his religious activities, but he now faces two years’ exile in remote Sistan and Baluchestan province.

Ebrahim, 32, has requested a few weeks at home first, though there is no guarantee it will be granted. 

During his six years in prison, Ebrahim was not given a day’s leave. He was not even permitted to visit his mother in the weeks before she died, in December 2018, despite her plea, nor to attend her funeral.

If, as expected, Ebrahim’s exile is enforced, he will become the first Christian to endure such a punishment, though others such as Yousef Nadarkhani and Mohammad Reza Omidi – also converts to Christianity – are facing years in exile at the end of their sentences.