KENYA – 9 Christians killed for refusing to recite Islamic Creed

UG Christian News | Male Marvin | Dec. 19, 2019

(KENYA) — 9 Christian bus passengers in Kenya were attacked and killed because of their faith.

Uganda Christian News has learnt that the attack occurred on December 6, when Christians who were traveling by bus to Mandera were separated from the other passengers and killed in Kotulo, northeast Kenya. 

According to International Christian Concern (ICC), when they rejected to recite the Islamic creed, the Shahada, they were “paraded out of the bus and shot dead at close range by those believed to be Al-Shabaab militants.”

The governor of Mandera was quoted by local media sources as saying, “I am deeply saddened to learn of the heinous bus attack near Kotulo … It is extremely sad and humanly disturbing to learn that, yet again, they segregated locals form non-locals before killing those they believed to be non-locals.”

According to CBN News, the names of those confirmed as killed are Athanus Kiti, Enos Odhiambo, Kelvin Mandela, Wisely Meli, Tikane Kasale, Leonard Mukanda, Francis Mbuvi, Rodgers Machuka, and Anchari Okerosi. The two still missing are Emmanuel Barasa and Nathan Bett.

CBN News reported that one passenger attributed his survival to a Muslim passenger who tossed him some Somali clothes to put on when the bus was first hijacked.