NIGERIA – Terrorism in Nigeria

Aug. 6, 2019 | Douglas Burton | Washington Times | Analysis/Opinion

Americans are reeling from horrific misuse of assault weapons in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, whereas in Nigeria gun control has kept law-abiding people from defending themselves against terrorists. The good news for Nigerian Christians on Thursday, Aug. 2 was that a would-be assassination of a Catholic priest was foiled by good-Samaritan neighbors who beat back terrorists with primitive weapons.

A gang of 15 terrorists armed with assault rifles attempted in the dead of night to assassinate the Rev. Father Joseph “Big Joe” Kwasau at his parish house in Kasuwan Magani in the state of Kaduna. They were forced to retreat by local residents firing  homemade hunting rifles and using bows and arrows, according to Father Kwasau, who was interviewed at a safe house Saturday by Reuben Buhari, a War Desk News reporter. Father Kwasau’s house security guard, Samuel Jerome, 38, was killed in the raid.

“I saw death face to face, and I am alive only by God’s grace and a steel door. They used an axe on it, but they couldn’t get in,” Father Kwasau said by cell phone Saturday.

Father Kwasau narrowly escaped death, he told Mr. Buhari. “I heard the barking of my dog, followed by sporadic shooting around my parish house and heard my security man shouting for help and saying thieves had invaded the house,” he said from a safe house on Saturday morning. 


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