SOMALIA – One Year Since Al-Shabaab Largest Attack in Somalia

International Christian Concern | Oct. 25, 2018

On Oct 14, 2017, just over one year ago, al-Shabaab conducted one of the largest terrorist attacks in Somalia’s history. That morning, they filled a truck full of explosives and drove it to the center of Mogadishu, the country’s capital. They then detonated the bomb in the middle of a large crowd of people including civilians, men, women and children.

This attack took the lives of over 600 people and left a large crater in the city streets. This devastation is still felt today. Al-Shabaab, which means “The Youth”, has been one of the three most active terrorist groups in the world for years. They have the political and religious goal of creating a caliphate in East Africa where they can enforce their very strict and extreme views of Islam. To this end, they have conducted countless attacks on the Somalian people, and many attacks across the border into Kenya.