REVIEW – Christians in the Mirror

Dove | Review | Aug. 26, 2019


This powerful documentary shares the courageous stories of Christians, living in countries with extreme intolerance to Christianity, being persecuted and martyred for their faith. Christians in the Mirrohttp://christiansinthemirror.comr urges believers in America to see and support their brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer for their belief.

Dove Review

Christians in the Mirror chronicles the events of oppressed Christians who, despite their circumstances, remain firm in their faith. The film focuses on Christians living in Syria, Iraq, India, Sudan and Egypt. Throughout the documentary, men and women tell their heart-wrenching stories, or the stories of loved ones who experienced extreme persecution (even death) because of their beliefs. Most of the testimonies are spoken in the native language and subtitled in English.

Actual news footage of attacks on Christians combined with footage of the wounded and displaced provides a glimpse into the lives of these oppressed Christians. Filmmaker Jordan Allott strikingly captures the devastation through his lens of hollowed out churches destroyed by suicide bombers and children playing in the rubble of crumbled buildings. Christians in the Mirror reveals how, despite tremendous suffering, so many remain strong in the Christian faith. Due to violent images and intense subject matter, we are awarding our Dove Seal for the film’s persevering message, but recommend it for ages 18+.


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