SYRIA – ‘There Won’t be Christians Left’: Syrian Christians Fear Grim Future in Shadow of Turkey’s Invasion

CBN NEWS | Chris Mitchell | Oct. 21, 2019

JERUSALEM, Israel – A spokesman for the Kurdish-led Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) says they have completely evacuated fighters from a besieged Syrian border town per the US and Turkish cease-fire. 

“As part of the agreement to pause [military] operations with Turkey with American [mediation]. Today, we have evacuated the city of Ras Al-Ain from all SDF fighters. We don’t have any more fighters in the city,” SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel said on Sunday.  

The ceasefire ends Tuesday but if the SDF has not left their designated areas by then, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised to “crush Kurdish heads.” 

As the nearly two-week-old Turkish invasion continues, evidence is mounting on social media and regional reports that Christians are a target.   

Along the Turkish-Syrian border reports are emerging of Christians living, dying and fleeing in the face of a Turkish onslaught aided by jihadist troops. They hope their pleas reach the Christians of America. 


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