THAILAND – Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers in Thailand ask for help

World Watch Monitor | Dec. 4, 2018

Death, disease, starvation, and continuous living in hiding from immigration authorities to escape permanent imprisonment in stinking dungeons – this is what life has become for many stateless Pakistani Christians stranded in Thailand for years now.

Several heroic Thai locals have come forward to help sustain these starving asylum seekers, though the Pakistanis are still hoping for support from other Christians around the world, who they feel have abandoned them in their agony and despair.

In August 2009, seven Christians died when more than 100 Christian homes were set on fire in the Pakistani city of Gojra. After this incident, more than 10,000 Pakistani Christians from across the country started arriving in Bangkok to apply for refugee status with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).