UGANDA – Christian Boy in Uganda Defends his Faith Despite Attack and Death Threats

International Christian Concern | November 1, 2018

A young man in Uganda was strangled, threatened with death and left unconscious because he would not convert to Islam. On Oct. 25, Emmanuel Nyaiti was walking to his grandmother’s house when he was accosted by a group of local Muslims. This group took him to a nearby farm where they slapped him around, and told him that if he did not convert to Islam he would die. The boy, only 12 years old, said that he would not convert.

When he said this, the group then strangled him. As this was taking place, Emmanuel’s father realized that he was missing and had started searching for him with others from the community. They heard Emmanuel screaming during the attack and rushed to the farm. When they arrived, they found Emmanuel unconscious on the ground.