WORLDWIDE – Open Doors Calling For Worldwide Support For Persecuted Believers

Vision | July 21, 2020

Open Doors is calling for world leaders and people everywhere to take the issue of Christian persecution more seriously.

CEO of Open Doors UK Henrietta Blyth says too often the oppression of believers has been considered a ‘niche concern’

Premier News reports the issue has often been overlooked by those in authority, seeing it as something to be handled by churches and charity groups.

However, she says by standing up for millions suffering arrests, violence and intense persecution we create a more humane world.

Ms Blyth believes that’s something that everyone can get behind, and she’s calling for authorities to get better educated on religious oppression.

The CEO claimed “Western governments are so often blind to religion, and religious illiteracy has been tolerated in such a way that ignorance about other issues would never be.”​